Organisations increasingly recognise the importance of supply chain management. Our roundtables offer a critical thinking opportunity for an improved supply chain.

Its success relies on the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, the quality and availability of information and the interaction with other members of the supply chain.

Digitisation, Industry 4.0, and Blockchains are among the emerging technologies that bear the potential of critically affecting these factors.

In this series of roundtables, we will discuss, share, and outline ideas, strategies, experiences as well as research relating to the forthcoming transformational technologies.

The Digital Supply Chain Roundtable Series provides a place where our supply chain community can regularly come together to discuss and interact about new discoveries, techniques  and ideas. Participants collaborate, share business ideas and skill sets to strengthen their businesses together.

The roundtables are of particular interest to the professionals in the logistics and supply chain community.

Registration is limited to 15 participants.

Next session to be announced.


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Past sessions

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Participants are hereby informed that they are likely to appear on photographs taken at the event. These are intended to be published in University of Luxembourg print and/or digital/social media.