“Data driven supply chains”

data driven supply chains

The LCL is organising its annual eXplore conference on 10 March 2020.

Location: Chambre des métiers, Luxembourg – Kirchberg

Data and digitalisation are transforming business and societies in general and supply chains in particular.

  • What does supply chain transparency really mean?
  • How can artificial intelligence be implemented in supply chain?
  • What are the limits of AI and shall it be regulated?
  • What does digitalisation mean for your operations and execution of workflows?
  • How can you improve your operations using casual information?

Join for us for the 4th annual eXplore Conference to learn, discuss and be inspired about data-driven supply chains!

Come and explore!


Programme sneak peeks:
  • Supply chain transparency

  • Digital operations

  • AI innovation & policy, deep learning, forecasting

Main speakers

Alexis Bateman, Director, MIT Sustainable Supply Chains Course Lead, MITx MicroMasters Programme
Robert Boute, Professor of Operations Management at Vlerick Business School and KU Leuven
Katalin Ligeti, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, University of Luxembourg
Bram Kranenburg
Bram Kranenburg, Senior Consultant Data Science and Supply Chain Optimization at CQM
Sarah Van der Auweraer, Postdoctoral Researcher, LCL, University of Luxembourg

Preliminary agenda

9:00 Registration
9:30 Welcome note
10:10 Who controls AI? by Katalin Ligeti
10:40 Coffee break
10:55 How do digital operations deliver value? by Robert Boute


An application of deep learning in rail maintenance by Bram Kranenburg

‘How to detect railway track defects using deep learning?’ This question was the starting point for a CQM consultancy project with VolkerRail, a railway infrastructure services company, to automate defect detection. By application of deep learning techniques, a time-consuming process of visual inspection of all rail images by an operator can be replaced by a five times as efficient procedure. In this procedure, the operator only has to inspect pictures that are rated as probable defects by the deep learning algorithm. This project was awarded with the Dutch Data Science Award 2018 and shows the potential of deep learning to recognise complex patterns.





  • Lunch
  • Poster session

Master students at the LCL prepare a one-slide poster of project and deliver pitch.

  • Networking opportunity


13:30 Forecasting driven by causable factors by Sarah Van der Auweraer
14:10 Spark session: AI innovation for supply chain and logistics
14:35 Supply chain transparency by Alexis Bateman



Coffee break







Panel discussion

Moderator: Alexis Bateman with the participation of Arcelor Mittal, Boeing, Vekia, INCERT Luxembourg

Topics to be addressed:

  • How to manage internal data? Can we leverage data? Data policy – who owns the data?
  • AI to be internal or outsourced?
  • Regulating automation/AI
  • Intuition to data


Closing remarks by Benny Mantin

Best thesis award

16:30 Adjourn

Registration fees

  • Regular fee: 120 €
  • LCL partner discounts, please contact us.

Limited number of seats

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