The LCL is organising its annual eXplore conference on 12 March 2019.

“Navigating the green supply chain”

green logistics conference luxembourg

Date: 12th March 2019

Location: Chambre des métiers, Luxembourg – Kirchberg

This one-day event brings together experts from the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, the University of Luxembourg, the industry, to offer a truly unique learning opportunity on the future of supply chain and sustainability.

Join us at the LCL eXplore Conference for an inspiring discussion: Insights from the academic forefront combined with relevant input from industry champions will offer a truly unique learning opportunity on the future of supply chains. Our guiding theme leads us to eXplore and promote impactful research that ultimately advances and contributes to the growing success of businesses.

Join us and embrace our motto: “Innovate, Inspire, Impact!”

Programme sneak peeks:
  • Sustainable logistics

  • Green energy supply chain

  • Supply chain resilience

  • Incentives for greening the supply chain


  • Josué Velázquez Martínez, Director, Sustainable Logistics Initiative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL)



  • Nils Löhndorf, Associate Professor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the LCL


  • Anne Lange, Associate Professor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the LCL


9:30 Registration
10:00 Welcome note by Prof. Benny Mantin, LCL Director, University of Luxembourg
10:10 Opening remarks by Antonino Barbera Mazzola, European Commission





Sustainable logistics: How to deliver “fast” and “green” in last-mile delivery by Josué Velázquez Martínez

Urbanisation and e-commerce growth (omni-channel) will increase transportation movements in the years to come. The challenge many companies face is how to deliver products fast and keep high utilisation and low fuel consumption (CO2 emissions). In this presentation, Prof.  Velázquez Martínez will discuss the new trends in logistics sustainability that provide ideas to optimise the last-mile delivery by using technology and data analytics, and how companies can drive consumer behaviour via the use of environmental impacts during e-commerce.

11:10 Coffee break
11:25 LCL PhD research pitch by Nicole Perez Becker: “Strategic stockpiling in the presence of waste cost”




The green energy supply chain by Nils Löhndorf

Industry is increasingly turning towards renewable energies to decrease its carbon footprint and protect itself from commodity price fluctuations. This presentation explores the risks and benefits associated with procurement and production of renewables to satisfy industrial power consumption as well as opportunities and threats of demand response in industrial production.





  • Lunch
  • Poster session

Master students at the LCL prepare a one-slide poster of project and deliver pitch.

  • Networking opportunity



















Maersk: sustainability by Annette Stube, Sustainability Group, Maersk

Maersk is the world’s largest container shipping company. It is fully subscribed to corporate sustainability by working systematically to reduce the negative and enhance the positive impact on people, society and the environment and by addressing global challenges through innovation, investment and collaboration

In her key-note, Annette Stube, Head of Group Sustainability at Maersk Group will address the responsibilities of companies towards society in relation to sustainability. Using Maersk as the starting point, Annette will look at which sustainability strategy a company might choose and how the sustainability strategy might be integrated within an overarching business strategy.

Climate change is a reality and will increase in scale in the coming years. Annette will present Maersk’s measures towards greening it’s supply chain, their efforts to driving the industry in greening and will look at the key rewards to be gained from these efforts.

Ongoing climate change will force companies to adjust their supply chains accordingly and to respond to the effects of climate change according to the anticipated developments. Annette will discuss preparation tactics towards the different aspects of climate change and how to incorporate sustainability into these preparations, illustrating how the commitment of Maersk towards these global challenges also brings key-rewards that justify the efforts.



  • Responsibilities of companies towards society
  • Strategy of sustainability within business strategy
  • Climate change, what to do from a company to green the SC and how to react to climate change (action and reaction)
  • Customer upsides
14:25 LCL PhD research pitch by Melvin Drent: “Dual-Sourcing Strategies that Create Carbon Efficient Supply Chains”






Measuring supply chain resilience by Anne Lange

Recent catastrophic events, such as the Japan earthquake or Thailand floods, have dramatically affected companies worldwide. In modern complex supply chains, such events can brew problems in unpredicted ways. Can we improve the resilience of such complex supply chains? Analysing their structure allows to identify critical locations in the supply chains – and prevention can then be taken from there. This talk presents metrics that build on the structure of the logistics network. It will show how these metrics identify critical production sites or suppliers. In doing so, the metrics provide knowledge on the resilience of a supply chain without requiring extensive simulation. Hence, the metrics support companies in supply chain risk management.



Coffee break






Panel discussion “Incentives for greening the supply chain”

Moderator: Josué Velázquez Martínez with the participation of

Max Nilles, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure

José Rino, Projects Directorate – Air & Maritime Division at European Investment Bank

Onno Maliepaard, Leaseplan Corporation

Dr. Isabelle Conrot, Head of Global Supply Chain Operations-PTSM, Roche

Hinde Boulbayem, SUMY, Sustainable Urban Logistics

16:35 Closing remarks by Benny Mantin
17:00 Adjourn

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  • Regular fee: 120 €
  • LCL partner discounts, please contact us.

Limited number of seats

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