Digital supply chain roundtable series

1st session: Blockchains

Organizations increasingly recognize the importance of supply chain management—the success of which relies on the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes, the quality and availability of information, and the interaction with other members of the supply chain. Digitization, Industry 4.0, and Blockchains are among the emerging technologies that bear the potential of critically affecting these factors. In this series of roundtables, we will discuss, share, and outline ideas, strategies, experiences, as well as research relating to the forthcoming transformational technologies.


Blockchain is a foundational technology. It is a peer-to-peer network sitting on top of the internet, such that its distrusted database, transparency, irreversibility of records, and computational logic can redefine how contracts, transactions, and records are managed. This roundtable aims at addressing key questions such as: What are the strategic implications of blockchain to your business? What is the roadmap for blockchain-driven solutions? What hurdles impede the adoption of such solutions?

The event includes a roundtable session and a plant tour at Cargolux.

Hosted by Cargolux


Wednesday 14 June 2017, from 16:00

Restricted number of participants

Location: Cargolux, Findel airport, Luxembourg

Language: English



No participation fee

Registration deadline: 19 May 2017


Contact for registration:

Tjalda von Lilienfeld-Toal, Outreach Officer / (+352) 46 66 44 59 93