LCL Industry Seminar Series

Alternative concepts for City Airports

Tuesday 13 April 2017, 16:00 – 17:30

Limpertsberg Campus




Intercity transportation is facing challenges due to the increasing urbanization and ever-growing air traffic which impose congestion on traditional airports. Additionally, the European Commission has issued its aviation goals stating that passengers should be able to conduct their door-to-door journeys within four hours (FlightPath 2050). Addressing these challenges, new holistic transport concepts are being developed.

The presentation introduces an alternative transport concept for city airports. Such airports are preferably built above existing train stations in order to use available urban space in an efficient way and to ensure seamless connectivity between different transport modes. This concept is coupled with the introduction of a new aircraft type that is specifically designed for inner-city operations. The high population density in cities and the limited available space imposes high requirements on noise protection, safety and short take-off and landing capability (STOL) of the aircraft. This aircraft must be efficient and fast enough to achieve the goal of four hours door-to-door over the required range. This concept study has been conducted as a cooperation between Bauhaus Luftfahrt and Glasgow School of Arts.

Speaker: Annika Paul

Annika is a researcher in the Economics and Transportation team at Bauhaus Luftfahrt (based in Munich) and is a PhD student in transport economics at the Technical University of Dresden. In her PhD thesis, she focuses on the analysis of airport competition. In particular, she seeks to quantify the degree of competitive constraints that European airports are subject to due to airlines being able to switch their operations into adjacent airports. Her applied research integrates the assessment of the changing socio-economic, demographic, and behavioural aspects and their influence on travel behaviour of different passenger groups. Annika is currently a visiting PhD student at the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL) as part of the COST action (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).

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“Bâtiment des Sciences”, Room BSC-E00-001

Limpertsberg Campus

162A avenue de la Faïencerie

L-1511 Luxembourg

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